A Parent’s Guide to Rome – Things to do in Rome with Kids

Kids tours of Rome - Family in Rome

Visiting Rome can turn into one of the most exciting endeavors in your life, whether alone, with your partner, group of friends, or children. In the latter case, though, you may need to plan things ahead to ensure some great family fun. After all, if you are about to lay eyes on the Eternal City, everybody involved should have their share of happiness and fascination! Here is what to do in Rome with kids; a few awesome ideas and activities to consider for your little one(s) to enjoy.


Amazing Things to do in Rome with Kids – Going Sightseeing

Besides the bewildering and imposing Vatican and the Colosseum that deserve a place in your must-see list even if you are accompanied by youngsters, you may also opt for secret sights very few know of, such as:|

  • Aventine Hill – Do take some time to hike up Aventine because the views you will get from up there will be more than just interesting. Look through the tiny keyhole at the top of the hill and see not only three countries (the grounds just behind the door is Maltese soil!) but also a flower-lined frame of St. Peter’s Basilica Dome. The aroma of the orange trees on your way up will fill the air with an arresting sensation.

Address: Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, 3

Opening hours: Anytime

  • The crypt of the Capuchin monks (also included in our Underground Rome Tour for kids)– It is yet another attraction known primarily to a select few discerning travelers, which can give you goosebumps. The 4,000 skeletons in the crypt belonging to male members of a once dominating mendicant (religious) order date back to the 17th The ghostly thrills you will get are definitely worth it! Just make sure your kids are old (and daring) enough for this experience (most suited to adolescents).

Address: Via Vittorio Veneto, 27

Opening hours: 9AM-7PM every day except bank holidays


Adventurous Things to do in Rome With Kids

Take your little explorer and feed him or her adrenaline and enthusiasm by heading to any (or all) of the following:

  • Villa Borghese park (best match for our Galleria Borghese tour with kids)– A truly majestic landscape with magnificent gardens, charming paths, and lovely natural sights. You may run around the place in rollerblades, segway, or bicycle. Feel more adventurous? Rent a boat or hop on the miniature train and see the roundabouts of this magical place from dawn to dusk.

Address: official address is Piazzale Napoleone I but there are various access points to the park

Opening hours: Rent-a-bike or train from approx.10.30AM-6PM


  • The Bioparco Zoo – Part of Villa Borghese, the zoo is home to more than 220 different species. While there, don’t forget to locate the animals that fought the gladiators you learned about on our Colosseum and Ancient Rome tour.

Address: Viale del Giardino Zoologico, 1

Opening hours: 9.30AM-5PM (6PM during summer months) every day except December 25th


  • Rainbow Magicland – A theme park that opens its doors every April and spreads joy with three theaters and more than 35 rides. You may reach the place by either using the shuttle bus or the train. If you prefer to get there by car, note that it is a 45-minute drive from the city center.

Address: Via della Pace, 00038 Valmontone RM

Opening hours: From April until September, times and days vary (https://magicland.it/it/il-parco/orari )


  • EurPark Adventure – The available ropes courses there will awaken the explorer inside your kid. Help them choose a course according to their level of confidence (there are also instructors to overview and help with safety procedures) while you sharpen your skills in using a bow and an arrow!

Address: Piazza Pakistan

Opening hours: 10AM-6.30PM (8PM during summer months) every day except bank holidays



Fun Things to do in Rome with Kids (& Learn!)

If guided tours are not your thing, then you can jump into the multi-sensory cinematic adventure that Time Elevator can offer you. Wear your 3D glasses and feel the wind under your wings as you take the most fantastic flight simulations (with moving seats and all) ever!

Address: Via dei Santi Apostoli, 20

Opening hours: 10.30AM-7.30PM every day except bank holidays


Another option worth checking out is Explora. Located near Piazza del Popolo, this wondrous interactive museum has been specifically designed to please young visitors who learn about science, society, and history in the most entertaining way.

Address: Via Flaminia, 82

Opening hours: 10AM-5PM (duration of visit 1hour45minutes, entrance slots vary) every day except bank holidays. The number of visitors is limited.

Most Delicious Things to do in Rome with Kids

What if your children left Rome knowing how to make pizza or gelato? Luckily, this is something completely doable if you only choose one of the many available city workshops. Roll up your sleeves, take your place by the side of a pizza or gelato maker at an authentic Roman pizzeria or gelateria and keep your eyes peeled!


And, if you feel like doing some more activities and fun things to do in Rome with kids after taking that palate-pleasing class, perhaps having your children spend a couple of hours in a mosaic-making workshop (hands-on experience) in the old city center or join Gladiator School (a few minutes’ walk from ancient Appian Way) and a two-hour lesson to become 21st-century gladiators make the best closure of a dreamy family visit to Rome.