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Check out some of the frequently asked questions that will help with planing your Rome tours with kids.

When is the best time to visit Italy?

If you want to visit Italy, it’s best to start your adventure by visiting Rome. The Italian capital offers many sites to see and is rightly called The Eternal city. From here, Pompeii and Florence can be easily reached by train. In general, winters are less crowded whereas during April-September you may find the sites to be extremely crowded.

When is the best time to book one of your Rome tours with kids?

The sooner, the better! We collaborate only with a dozen of guides that have proven to have exceptional skills in relating with children and their availabilities during high season run out quickly. Moreover, many sites with scheduled entrance times sell a limited number of tickets for each date, meaning that if you are requesting a last-minute tour and the tickets have been sold out, we will not be able to accommodate you even if the guide may be available.

Will we “skip the line” with your tours?

Yes, whenever possible we will purchase the tickets to skip the general admittance lines, saving precious time from having to wait. Please note that some waiting may still be required going through unavoidable security checkpoints.

Do you arrange a private car transfer to the meeting point?

Yes, we can add the private car transfer for an extra fee. Usually, if your hotel is located in central Rome, a taxi will be a cheaper option.

Are pushchairs/strollers allowed on the tours?

Absolutely! However, please realize that large strollers at the Vatican are cumbersome and there is limited accessibility on handicap ramps. If you must bring one for your child, the smaller “umbrella” style folding chair is easier to navigate around large crowds and to carry when stairs are necessary.

Are your private tour guides licensed?

All of our private tour guides are licensed to lead tours according to the tourism laws of the Italian government and have also proven to be great communicators of the English or the Spanish language.

In which way will you engage the children?

Our guides use many methods including games and activities to educate and entertain the whole family. Each guide is different, however, most of them will use quizzes, trivia and treasure hunts to keep the children interested.

We will arrive early in the morning from the USA/Canada. Can we book the afternoon tour on the same day?

We would not recommend booking tours on the arrival day, especially not after a long flight. In our experience, the kids are having difficulties concentrating on the tour when they are very tired and therefore the tour may not be as enjoyable. In addition, many sites have very strict schedule entrance times and if your flight gets delayed, you may lose your tour and the possibility to see the site. The best time to start with the guided tour is the day after the arrival.

We are a family of two adults and one child aged 5. Can we book your tours?

Our tours are suitable for school-aged children (6 and above) and all the activities during the tour are aimed towards this age. There are very few activities that we can provide for younger children, but if you prefer having a family friendly guide as opposed to a regular guide for adults, we can arrange the tour for you.

What happens to my tour if it rains?

What happens to my tour if it rains?

What is the dress code you mention on the Vatican and Underground tours?

The dress code at the Basilica of St. Peter on the Vatican tour and visits to churches of Rome during the Underground tour follow the etiquette of the Catholic church. In short, to respect the Church your clothing should at least cover down to your knees and cover your shoulders. Long shorts or skirts past the knees are acceptable. Tank tops and halter tops will require a scarf or other suitable covering during the visit into the churches. The dress code is strictly enforced at the Basilica of St. Peter.

What is the size limit of personal and camera bags when entering the Vatican and Colosseum?

Specifics for allowed bag sizes can be found on the Vatican’s website – click here for the Vatican (museivaticani.va)

The official website of the Colosseum has this statement, “We inform visitors that inside the monument it is strictly forbidden to enter with backpacks, handbags and luggage because of the new safety measure.”

I am late for the tour. Who do I contact?

Please call your guide or Laura, both numbers are in your voucher. Some sites such as the Colosseum or the Vatican have the scheduled entrance times that can not be amended and the staff may not let you access the site in case of late arrival.

Will we visit the rooftop of St. Peter’s or go to the Pope’s tombs?

The cupola/rooftop and the Scavi of St. Peter’s are special access areas that are not included on the tour. Separate fees are required.

To visit the rooftop at the end of the tour, your guide can show you to the entrance. It is not possible to skip the line at that entrance.

For the Scavi tour to see the basement, the tour is limited and must be reserved well in advance. Visit this site to find out where to contact someone for a tour. vaticanstate.va

Can we get a local guide during the visit to Pompeii/Florence?

Yes! All of our guides are local and have passed the exams for their specific region. Pompeii, as well as Rome and Florence, are best seen with a local guide who knows the history there and can give you that extra information that only a local would know.

Is tour around Florence exhausting and difficult for children?

The walking tour of Florence is one of the most relaxing tours you can choose! This tour also allows for many opportunities to stop for breaks and have some gelato or a coffee if needed. Your fun and friendly guide can show you the best places and spots you should explore in the hometown of the Medici family.

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