How to See the Carnival in Rome

If you are looking to do something interesting with kids, then you know that sometimes you need something a little more spectacular than the wealth of history and tradition. Rome might well be the place of the birth of civilisation, but sometimes you just need something a little extra. That is why Carnival is a perfect time to take the kids to see Rome. We look at what you need to know.

When and where

The first thing you should know is when Carnival takes place, and that is around mid-February. It varies slightly every year, but it stretched from ‘Fat Thursday’ to ‘Fat Tuesday’ and normally covers Valentine’s Day as well. As for where, well it is all over the city of Rome, but a large part of it is focused around some of the famous squares and streets in the capital. So you want to be sure to travel around and see the best parts of it. One thing not to miss is the famous parades which are held along streets such as Via del Corso.

Activities to Do

One of the great things about the Carnival is a lot of it is aimed at kids. This means that you will find a wealth of things to do with your children. For example, the zoo puts on a range of entertainers that are dressed up as the various animals to go along with the usual entertainment. There is also plenty of face painting, decorating, mask making and other fun and educational activities for the kids to do. Kids are encouraged to dress up and put on their masks and costumes are there are prizes handed out for the best mask and best costumes as well. This means that kids can get fully involved in the carnival spirit.

Rome with kids

Evening Entertainment

You should also make sure you stay to the end of the carnival and it concludes with a fantastic firework display across the city. There are plenty of things to do every evening during carnival and this means that adults will have a fun time as well. You can get a sample of the Italian party atmosphere and can enjoy the sites and sounds of a city whilst you relax and enjoy the famous Italian cuisine along with lashings of wine. Adults are encouraged to take part in the carnival as well, and there are some great cultural exhibitions relating to the carnival around to see and do as well. So you can take a break from the party and enjoy learning more about the history of the carnival in Rome at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Rome has a lot to offer and there are plenty of things to do with kids as well. Carnival is a perfect time to take the children to Rome as there are a lot of activities put on that are specifically targeted at entertaining the children. So if you plan your trip well, you will have a fantastic family holiday that everyone will enjoy.