Ciao! Do you want to make the most out of your family holiday? You should visit one of the most fascinating cities in the world-Rome! Well, if you are wondering how to make it into the Eternal City, we are there to help you navigate every step of the process.

Kids Tours of Rome is a private tour operator with the best guides for family tours with children aged 6 and older. But we don’t just offer tours, ours is an experience. Your children will be fascinated by the history, culture and art of the Eternal City.



If you are looking for a fun activity to do with your family while traveling to the Eternal City, then we are ready to make your visit to Rome extra fun.

Our friendly guides have a passion for and are specially trained to work with children so that your experience with us will be the one your family will brag about from your holiday vacation. Using technology, games, and other interactive activities everyone in the family will enjoy is an educational experience like no other could get sitting in a classroom. They say that positive emotions increase motivation and interest in learning. There’s no better way to create that experience than to have some family fun by booking with Kids Tours of Rome to learn about one of the world’s best cities full of culture and history!

Kids tours of Rome - Family in Rome

This is an educational experience like no other!

Learning, educational experiences, visiting the Eternal City with children, and having fun can now go hand-in-hand!

With our Rome Tours with Kids, the entire family can enjoy moments of sheer pleasure, entertainment, and excitement. No matter which one of the Rome private family tours you choose, expect a friendly family tour guide in Rome that knows the ropes and has their way with children to show you more than just the same-old stuff you can find in most city guides. From the Colosseum and the Vatican to the underground sights, you have many reasons to book private family tours in Rome like, well, yesterday!


Check out some of our Rome tours for kids


We arrange private tours for families with school-aged children, and all of our tours will make your visit to Rome entertaining, educative and memorable.


Kids Tours of Rome is a family owned, licensed tour operator in Rome, Italy.

We work with a team of tour guides who are professionals with advanced degrees in the fields of History, Art History, or Archaeology and who have an exceptional ability to mingle and work for families with school-age children.

So if you are looking for fun and educational tours for kids when travelling to the Eternal City or Pompeii there is no better choice than Kids Tours of Rome!

With our private tours for families with children aged 6 and older, we will make your visit to Rome entertaining, educative and memorable.

Our passionate guides are super fun and specially trained to work with kids. Using technology, games and other activities, all members of your family will enjoy.


Let’s have some great time!

Book your Rome for kids tour online now or contact us if you have any special requests.

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    Is Rome worth visiting?


    This is the number of Rome’s visitors per year. They are coming to our town to experience the spirit of the Eternal city. And we are always ready for the best walking tours of Rome with kids and families.

    12thmost visited

    There are just eleven cities in the whole world with more visitors per year. Our most visited sites and most attended tours are the Colosseum tour for kids and the Vatican tour for families. Visit it with our guides.


    You can travel around the globe for centuries, but the Eternal City is probably the most impressive place on the planet. The best thing you can do is visit Rome with Kids Tours of Rome. Many surprises await you!